• FLASH DUMP 1506T EL880D Receiver

    1506T EL880D Satellite Receiver

    1506T EL880D flash dump file or the flash file is a boot information data with software/program of a satellite receiver, which is located at EEPROM, or Flash IC or Memory IC of 1506T EL880D receiver. The main processor/Microcontroller retrieves the information from memory ic when it is power on to know how to work/boot.

    If the Flash IC/Memory IC of the 1506T EL880D receiver is damaged for any reason or its software/firmware malfunctions due to any reason then the Main controller does not get any boot/basic information and the satellite receiver 1506T EL880D does not turn on. In this situation, we need to reprogram the flash ic of the 1506T EL880D receiver with the matched hardware flash dump file to get the receiver in normal condition. A flash dump file of 1506T EL880D is shared for technician/user support.

    Information and Specifications of 1506T EL880D:

    Manufacturer: Sunplus

    Box Model:  EL880D

    Main Board: 1506T

    Main Controller or Chipset: 1506T

    Software Version:

    Box Type: Digital Full HD

    Flash Type: SPI SOP8/SOIC8

    Flash Memory: GD25Q32B

    Flash Size: 4 Mb

    Software Type: Backup Dump

    Download File Format: ZIP

    Download Type: Free

    Special Note:

    Given 1506T  EL880D receiver software is a backup dump flash file that can be loaded by a Programmer or with a Loader tool in the dead receiver or can be upgraded/downgraded in the working receiver by the USB Upgrade method or with STB Upgrade Tool. Flash Dump Files Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss because of uploading/downloading the software.

    Here is the download link of the 1506T  EL880D dump file free download.


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