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    NIKAI UHD65SLED1 T.HV510.81

    NIKAI UHD65SLED1_T.HV510.81 FIRMWARE NIKAI UHD65SLED1 LED TV firmware free download with resolution of 3840×2160 4K LED TV Compatible software download free. Technical Specifications Make/Brand: NIKAI Main Board/Chassis: T.HV510.81 or TP.HV510.P81 Board Type: Smart UHD Power Source: Rated Power Consumption: Panel Info: V580DJ4_QE1_D1_SX T-Con: Screen Resolution: 3840×2160 Backlight Parameters: NA Main Processor/Chipset: Hi3751V510 CPU/MCU: GPU: RAM: 1 GB ROM: 8 GB SPI Flash: OS Type: Android Android Version: 5.1 Default Language: Arabic, English-US Region/Country: ASIA\Riyadh Supported Languages: Arabic Remote IR: Firmware Name: allupgrade_v510_8G_1G_100.bin Firmware Type: USB Upgrade Firmware Version: Firmware Reference: 100 Firmware Build: Product User: Product Model: Build.Prop: YES Display Logo: File Size: 342 MB Tuner Info: SI2159 Factory Code: Additional Features: Special Note: The attached firmware is USB boot and can be loaded by USB disk in case when LED TV stuck on Logo or Boot Screen. Not for Update purpose if LED TV is working Normal. Always check Mainboard and RAM/ROM before loading any Firmware file. In case of wrong file loaded, board may be dead. Admin Team of this website is not responsible in case of any damage/loss. DOWNLOAD LINKS

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